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Kenyatta Powers-Rucker "Don't be afraid to be the first, be the change that you want to see."

Kenyatta Powers-Rucker: Pioneering Change and Empowerment in Technology

In the dynamic landscape of technology and public service, few individuals embody the blend of innovation, leadership, and dedication as profoundly as Kenyatta Powers-Rucker. As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Maryland's Department of Human Services (DHS), Kenyatta stands as a testament to visionary leadership and the transformative power of technology in public administration.

Kenyatta's role as CIO centers around DHS’ mission to support vulnerable Marylanders by providing access to essential resources such as nutritious foods, energy assistance, medical aid, and secure havens for at-risk individuals. Her leadership is characterized by an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and a relentless pursuit of innovative business solutions. This commitment not only drives the progression of the agency's mission but also fosters the growth and development of her team members' skills at every hierarchical level.

Heading the Office of Technology for Human Services (OTHS), Kenyatta oversees a dedicated cohort of over 100 IT professionals across 15 distinct units. This specialized department is responsible for the comprehensive administration and guidance of the agency's information systems, telecommunications, and infrastructure, including vital elements such as network management, help desk services, and desktop support. Kenyatta's strategic oversight of the OTHS IT project portfolio ensures the seamless collaboration of multiple vendors across the nation, driving forward pivotal systems that deliver crucial social services and financial aid to Maryland’s residents.

Kenyatta's journey with DHS spans nearly two decades, a period marked by her rise from Desktop Support Specialist to becoming the first African American female CIO. Her ascent through the ranks is a testament to her leadership, perseverance, and technical expertise. She oversees a robust enterprise environment, managing technology support for approximately 40 applications, serving over 8,000 end users across nearly 100 locations statewide.

A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Kenyatta is committed to exposing youth and underrepresented individuals to technology and leadership opportunities. Her mission is driven by a belief in the transformative power of technology and the importance of providing role models and opportunities for the next generation. Kenyatta is the founder of "Taste of Technology," an innovative program designed to introduce underrepresented communities to various tech careers through hands-on STEM challenges and workshops. This initiative covers areas such as cyber security, coding, gaming, and application development, all taught by IT professionals. By fostering innovation and providing practical experience, Kenyatta is paving the way for future tech professionals.

In addition to her impactful work in technology, Kenyatta is a prolific author, having penned five best-selling books, including "Ladies in Tech: Changing the Face of Technology." This anthology empowers women in the tech industry, offering tools and insights to advance their careers and thrive in a traditionally male-dominated field. Her writing is a powerful extension of her advocacy, providing inspiration and guidance to aspiring women technologists.

Kenyatta’s influence extends beyond her professional accomplishments into her community and spiritual life. She is a leader in her church, actively serving in various ministries. Her love for God and commitment to community development initiatives reflect her holistic approach to leadership and service. Through her work, both professionally and personally, Kenyatta continues to make a significant impact, driving positive change and empowering those around her.

For those inspired by the story of a leader who seamlessly blends technological innovation with a deep commitment to social justice and community empowerment, Kenyatta Powers-Rucker’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her life and work stand as a testament to what can be achieved when passion, vision, and dedication come together to make a difference.

Discover more about Kenyatta Powers-Rucker’s groundbreaking work, her literary contributions, and her advocacy efforts by visiting Her story is a powerful reminder that leadership is not just about professional success, but about making a lasting impact on the world and inspiring others to do the same.

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