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Dr. Denise Y. Mose “Be so good they can’t ignore you”! — Steve Martin

Discovering Dr. D: An Odyssey of Education, Media, and Advocacy

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, media, and advocacy, few figures shine as brightly as Dr. D. As the host of the widely acclaimed podcast "Self-Discovery on Sunday with Dr. D," an esteemed college professor, and a sought-after celebrity journalist, Dr. D has cultivated a career that bridges diverse fields with grace, intellect, and unwavering passion.

A Voice of Influence and Inspiration

Since January 2020, Dr. D has captivated audiences as the executive director and host of the podcast "Self-Discovery on Sunday with Dr. D." The show, broadcast in 33 countries and available on major streaming platforms like Pandora, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Spotify, delves into themes of personal growth, resilience, and self-awareness. With each episode, Dr. D engages listeners in thought-provoking conversations that encourage introspection and inspire change.

Educational Excellence

Parallel to her media endeavors, Dr. D has dedicated her life to education. She has been shaping the minds of future business leaders as a college professor at Athens State University since January 2020, where she facilitates classes and evaluates the progress of business majors. Her academic journey includes a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from Walden University, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Everest College, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education from Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University.

Dr. D's commitment to education extends beyond the classroom. As the former Assistant Dean at Virginia College of Huntsville, she oversaw 15 staff members, managed hiring and training, and planned budgets, ensuring the institution's smooth operation from September 2016 to December 2019. Her international experience includes teaching English and creating lessons at the George English Training School in Liushi, China, from December 2014 to May 2016.

Media Maven

Dr. D's prowess as a media personality is evident in her diverse portfolio. She has been a journalist for the Florida Sun Newspaper since December 2009, covering pivotal events and trends. Her stint as a Celebrity Correspondent at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro saw her interviewing Olympic athletes and delivering live broadcasts that brought the excitement of the Games to viewers worldwide.

Her media expertise has been showcased on some of the world’s most prestigious platforms. From delivering a TED Talk in Johannesburg, South Africa, to being featured on the cover of LDL Magazine, Dr. D’s influence is far-reaching. She has been a front-row correspondent at New York Fashion Week, a celebrity journalist at the Academy Awards and the Sundance Film Festival, and a media expert at Disney’s EPCOT Food & Wine Festival. Her presence at these high-profile events highlights her status as a trusted and influential voice in the media landscape.

Published Author

Dr. D’s literary contributions further underscore her multifaceted talents. She is the author of several books, including "Blind Faith: My Life-Changing Journey in China," "The Guilt-Free Guide to Fashion," and "Life at 433," available at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Through her writing, Dr. D shares her experiences and insights, offering readers a blend of inspiration and practical advice.

Community Advocate

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. D is a dedicated community leader. She mentors 15 teachers through the Village of Promise and serves as a board member at large for the Fred Rogers Institute and Sesame Street. Her role as a press/media consultant for the Disney Dreamers Academy and her membership in the National Association of Black Journalists reflect her commitment to uplifting and empowering others.

Honors and Recognitions

Dr. D's contributions have not gone unnoticed. She has been nominated for "Celebrity Media Host of the Year" and featured on a Times Square billboard, a testament to her influence and reach. Her award-winning podcast and her role as a Disney Dreamers Academy Press Expert further highlight her expertise and dedication.


Dr. D’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and resilience. Whether in the classroom, behind the microphone, or on the red carpet, she continues to inspire, educate, and advocate, leaving an indelible mark on every field she touches. Her story is not just one of professional success but of a lifelong commitment to making a difference, one listener, reader, and student at a time.

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