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Dr. Blanche Farrish "Look to the hills from where your help comes from; Your help comes from the Lord."

Blanche Farrish: A Legacy of Service and Dedication

Blanche Farrish embodies the spirit of dedication and service, with an impressive career spanning over six decades. Her remarkable journey began in 1979 when she graduated from Chamberlain Vocational High School in Washington, D.C., specializing in Cosmetology and Distributive Education. Shortly after, she embarked on a career in the federal government, marking the start of her 62 years of honorable service in the Department of Defense Human Resources, both in military and civilian roles.

One of Blanche's most notable achievements was her voluntary service at the Pentagon during the Global War on Terror. As an Army Reserve Soldier, she dedicated five years to this cause, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to her country. This period of service stands out as one of her greatest accomplishments. Following her military service, Blanche was presented with a unique opportunity to continue her impactful work as a civilian, a testament to her invaluable contributions and expertise.

Blanche's exceptional service has been recognized with two prestigious awards: the Superior Civilian Service Award and the Meritorious Service Medal. These honors reflect her outstanding performance, dedication, and the significant impact she has had throughout her career.


Now stepping into a new chapter of her life, Blanche has embraced the role of an author. With her debut book, she is eager to share her story, offering insights and inspiration drawn from her extensive experience in the federal government. Her journey from a high school graduate to a decorated federal employee and now an author is a powerful narrative of resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.


Blanche Farrish's story is one of perseverance and commitment, illustrating the profound impact one individual can have through a lifetime of service. Her contributions to the Department of Defense and her voluntary service during a critical period in history have left an indelible mark. As she continues to share her experiences and wisdom, Blanche remains an inspiration to many, embodying the values of honor, service, and dedication.

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